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Appalachian Trail


We are a scenic 0.3 mile road walk from the beloved 2,193 mile footpath. Both Maine and Georgia are within walking distance of our front door! In 2018, the Appalachian Trail was relocated south of VA 610/Old Rich Valley Road and the previous route has become the yellow-blazed Golden Winged Warbler Trail. Day hikers love to go up the AT and follow the yellow blazes back down for a great loop hike on Big Walker Mountain. If you prefer to just observe the AT, you can look through the valley from our backyard and see Chestnut Ridge and imagine the hikers looking back at you from one of the AT's most beautiful viewpoints.  


To learn more about the AT, please visit the Appalachian Trail Conservancy's website. To get involved in maintaining the AT in this area, please reach out to the great folks at Piedmont AT Hikers.


Appalachian Trail


Wanna go faster? If you are looking to catch up on some miles, go easy on your body, or just walk a little lighter, call us to see if we can slackpack you and seven of your closest hiking buddies. We'll pick up your packs (or most of your stuff) and bring them to the Quarter Way Inn - then you hike to us light as a feather. All three of these options include the 900 foot ascent and 800 foot decent of Big Walker Mountain through Tilson Gap. Please call a day or two ahead, but if you just had the great idea to do this, give us a call... we might be able to accomodate you.    

Marion / Hwy 16

Milepost 531.5

Trail Miles:  21

Cost:  $46

Settler's Museum


Milepost 540

Trail Miles:  12.5

Cost:  $41

The Barn Restaurant / Relax Inn


Milepost 542.7

Trail Miles:  9.8

Cost:  $38

Section Hikers

If you are an Appalachian Trail Section Hiker, our hearts go out to you! You have chosen a very difficult hobby! Unlike thru-hikers, who only have to plan getting to the AT and home from the AT one time each, you have to figure it out each and every time you go out. You also don't have the luxury of getting and keeping your trail legs. In addition to hiking the miles and keeping to strict deadlines, you practically have to be a professional logistician to coordinate everything. You have our respect (and a little bit of pity)! You know there are other, easier hobbies out there, right? 

We offer parking for $3 per day and free for the nights you stay with us. We can help you figure out pick-up and drop-off points and put you in touch with shuttle drivers near and far. We have knowledge of the local roads, their current conditions, and how likely it will be for passengers to get carsick. 

We are a great spot to start or end your hike or stop mid-way to do laundry, resupply, shower, and refuel with a delicious breakfast. You may send a resupply package here, too, and we can send home or hold onto any excess gear you decide you don't need. 

Section Hikers
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