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Included with all overnight stays:

Shower with towel, soap, shampoo, and conditioner

Laundry (done for you) and loaner clothes

Morning coffee

Wi-Fi (New for 2024!)

Land-line phone calls

Trail's finest VHS and tabletop game collection 

(This) Hostel Rules(!)

(This) Hostel Rules(!)

Everyone is welcome here. That is, of course, as long as you are the upstanding person your grandmother thinks you are. We welcome people from all walks of life (Te he, walks! Get it?). We will not judge you for your dreads or dreadful taste in movies, your orientation or orienteering skills, your marital status or status updates, your faith or lack of faith. We certainly won’t preach to you. (Unless it’s about washing your hands. We’re actually really preachy about that one!) We won’t judge you for your body odor either, as long as you proceed directly to the shower!


To ensure this place is welcoming for all, we do have a few rules, of course:

  • Don’t hog Herman. This cuddly cat has plenty of love to go around, but you must make sure you give other guests the opportunity for kitty cuddles. (And good luck with Cathy the Cat – she’s hardly got a cuddle in her.)

  • No dogs. This one breaks our heart, but our insurance company said no. Our dog Hazelnut might take a shine to you (or completely ignore you), but that is all we can offer in the canine department. Legitimate service dogs are welcome.

  • No drugs. It’s illegal, duh, and we are doing our best to be the upstanding people our grandmas think we are.

  • No drunkery. For real. No one wants to deal with a drunk. This is not a party hostel. I repeat: This is not a party hostel. 

  • Do not shave your head on the front lawn in the middle of the night and leave a disgusting pile of hair for all to see. (It wouldn’t be a rule if it hadn’t happened.)

  • You will be shamed publicly and repeatedly and fined $555 if you forget to check your pockets and an ink pen ends up in the dryer. OK, we can’t fine you $555, but the shaming will happen – guaranteed.

  • We’ll ask for your ID and a way to contact you in the future. If a famous embezzler stays here we want proof (see the Bismark story from 2015) and if/when you leave something here (like an entire bear canister with about $200 worth of gear inside) we want a way to get in touch.

  • Shower, soap, shampoo, conditioner, towel, laundry, detergent, and loaner clothes are included with every type of stay. Showers are mandatory. We’d hate to have to judge you for your body odor.


The Word on the Trail (via the Internet)

“The Quarter Way Inn wins best AT hostel in my book, hands down. The hostel is run by a former thru-hiker, Tina, whose attention to detail and cooking/baking abilities made for what turned out to be one of my favorite nights indoors on the trail. The Inn is a big, homey house with non-bunked beds and plenty of space. It’s the little things that count here: impeccable cleanliness, order, adorable notes and signs, and obvious care and thoughtfulness in all things.”  - Snapchat     Read more>>

“The Quarter Way Inn is the nicest place I have stayed so far. Tina’s home is beautiful, immaculate, well decorated, and had everything we could need, including resupply. Torch, Medicine Man, Blue Hat, Uncle Puck, and I all had a pizza each. I also chugged two chocolate milks, devoured an ice cream bar, and was still hungry. Tina is also an exceptional host, and very clearly takes pride in her work. She also has more wit than anyone I’ve ever met, as evidence from some of the signs she has strategically placed throughout the house. 10/10 would recommend.”  - Spitfire     Read more>>

“So I started and ended my next two days of hiking at the Quarter Way Inn in Virginia. This place is amazing. Tina (thru hiker class 2009) is a super host and staying in a house built in 1910 was so cool. They also have the most amazing breakfast you will ever eat…”  - Montana     Read more>>

“ZEROS AREN’T ALWAYS PLANNED: this place feels like hanging out at home! And breakfast is killer”  - Chimes     Read more>>

I stayed at two of my favorite hostels so far, the Quarter Way Inn and Wood’s Hole Hostel. Both offered amazing communal meals (I’ve been having literal dreams about Tina’s rice pudding ever since I left the Quarter Way Inn over a hundred miles ago). I reached both after taxing days of hiking: I stayed at the Quarter Way Inn after passing through the quarter way point in the rain. I walked into their mudroom so soaked it felt rude to enter the house and find the owner while dripping everywhere. Tina eventually found me there wringing out my socks and babbling incoherent apologies for all the puddles I was creating with my presence. She looked me up and down entirely unfazed, turned on the dehumidifier in the room and went to fetch me a towel. She also had the cutest hostel dog, Hazelnut, and every single hostel has a dog so that’s some stiff competition.  - Gandalf     Read more>>

“Breakfast was a treat.  Chunky delivered on her promise of cheese grits and they were delicious.  Everything was!”  - Fatboy

“Truly enjoying the setup Tina (Chunky, SOBO 2009) has here. Signage throughout the house, select-your-own meals with high-protein frozen options (hooray for Birds Eye!), fresh fruit with breakfast, cushy bed, uniquely repurposed items (doorknobs as hangers, bottle caps as nail covers, the biggest tree I've seen outside Yosemite (a sycamore), loads of books. This is our kind of place.”  “Cuties Hazelnut, the dog, and Herman, the cat, were bonuses. Tina has created a beautiful space inside, set in what looks like heaven to me outside.”  -Ginger     Read more>>

The hostel we were aiming at came faster than expected, the Quarter Way Inn which honors the northbounders 1/4 point that we passed today!!!  It was down a hill but much worth the walk. Had an amazing Sycamore tree towering over a beautiful 1900s farm house. The property was picturesque and the owners were so kind. Beaver and I watched two of the three Lord of the Rings on VHS, which were inspiring, as well as ate 3 pizzas.  One of my (if not my favorite) hostel.  - Catfish     Read more>>

What an outstanding place – great food, peace and quiet, and good times with fellow hikers.  - Bighorn     Read more>>

All of these excerpts were taken from hiker blog posts. You can check out (and leave) reviews on the Quarter Way Inn Facebook page.

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