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If you're looking for the hustle and bustle of a trail town or the chaotic buzz of a party hostel, this isn't the place. The reason you come here is to truly relax. You can get all the "business" of hiking done quickly and under one roof - laundry, shower, resupply, shipping, postcards, emails, pizza, and phone calls. Then, you are free to just chill.

Hang Out

Our beautiful sycamore is one for the record books. We'll happily tell you the story of this majestic tree in person, while you sway back and forth under its crookedy branches in one of the hammock chairs.

Quarter Way Inn Sycamore Tree.jpg
Watching movies at the Quarter Way Inn.jpg

Watch a Movie

We have been saying for years that we have the AT's finest VHS collection. No one has ever proved us wrong, so we are going to keep saying it! There has only been one guest (that I know of) that was truly stumped on how to work a VCR, stating, "I know this goes in the there, I'm just not sure in which direction!" So, if you're jonesing to watch Six Degrees of Separation, The Goonies, or Legends of the Fall, we got you covered. 

Play a Game

Or play a whole bunch of games. Our collection includes vintage games, classic games, new games, party games, and a game I made with my friend, Lord of the Things. It's a hoot.


Send a Postcard

I am totally not biased at all, but I am pretty sure we have the best postcards along the trail. Painted by V-Dub during her thru hike these postcards capture life on the AT like no other. Really. Who paints a hotel sink full of dirt laundry and why does it capture the essence of thru hiking so perfectly? 

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