Each spring since 2015, this place has been filled with hearty souls from around the world who were on their adventure of a lifetime. We provided hikers with a relaxing place to rest, resupply, and recuperate, and in turn we were inspired by their strong-willed spirits, adventure tales, and dreams for the future. This year, that didn't happen, and like so much of 2020, it just feels wrong. Though it is hard to imagine what the Appalachian Trail community, let alone the world, will look like on the other side of this pandemic, our plan is to reopen in April of 2021. In the meantime, feel free to reach out with any trail-related questions you may have. There is so much to miss this year, but chatting with other hikers about hiking is near the top of the list! 

Introducing the Bead by Bead on the Appalachian Trail Necklace! 

It's part map, part spreadsheet, part inspiration, part celebration, and all conversation starter!

Bead by Bead on the Appalachian Trail Ne

Did you know that we keep bees and sell our honey online? Well, we do! You can get your very own jar of Appalachian Trail honey delivered right to your door. Or better yet, send a sweet gift to a friend who needs a little cheer.

Gather Ye Honey

I, Tina, also make board games with a friend. You can check out our super fun party game Lord of the Things on our website. If your QuaranTeam is made up of 3-6 people, we guarantee this game will keep you laughing.

Mortal Frenemies logo2020.png

We look forward to reopening in April of 2021 and sharing the magic of the Quarter Way Inn with you!




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