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Opening for 2023 on April 1st. 

Can't wait to see you!

Have you heard about the Bead by Bead on the Appalachian Trail necklace?

It's part map, part spreadsheet, part inspiration, part celebration, and all conversation starter!

Bead by Bead on the Appalachian Trail Ne

We love sharing the magic of the Quarter Way Inn with you!

Did you know that we keep bees and sell our honey online? Well, we do! You can get your very own jar of Appalachian Trail honey delivered right to your door. Or better yet, send a sweet gift to a friend who needs a little cheer.

Gather Ye Honey

I, Tina, also make board games with a friend. You can check out our super fun party game Lord of the Things on our website. We guarantee this game will keep you laughing long after you're done playing it. 

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