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We're open at mile 556.1!

"It feels like you're spending the night at a friend's house."

The Quarter Way Inn is a delightful hiker hostel only 0.3 miles west of the Appalachian Trail at mile 556.1 in Ceres, Virginia. We offer a full resupply shop, the "Best Platinum Breakfast on the AT," and overnight lodging for weary hikers. All of our lodging options include laundry, loaner clothes, shower (with towel, soap, shampoo, and conditioner), and morning coffee. Our hostel is in a spacious and comfortable farm house next to the most majestic sycamore tree you will ever see (obviously not pictured - that's a redbud). We welcome thru and section hikers who are looking for a welcoming place to relax and rest up for the next leg of their journey.

Have you heard about the Bead by Bead on the Appalachian Trail necklace?

Bead by Bead on the Appalachian Trail (2).jpg

This unique necklace is a map of the Appalachian Trail that will keep you motivated to achieve your big goal by helping you celebrate your progress and keeping your eye on the prize. Oh, and it was created right here at the Quarter Way Inn by yours truly.

Asset 20.png

We love sharing the magic of the Quarter Way Inn with you!

Did you know that we keep bees and sell our honey online? Well, we do! You can get your very own jar of Appalachian Trail honey delivered right to your door. Or better yet, send a sweet gift to a friend who needs a little cheer.

Gather Ye Honey

I, Tina, also make board games with a friend. You can check out our super fun party game Lord of the Things on our website. We guarantee this game will keep you laughing long after you're done playing it. 

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